Social Media Trends to keep updated!

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The need to constantly grab the audience’s attention has been on a roll this year with Instagram launching a stories option & is gaining immense support from its users. There’s always a trend like, the Facebook trend, the Twitter trend, or the Snapchat trend. All you have to know is where your target audience is spending majority of their time online & work on those levels to gain the most reach!


1. There were 2.46 billion social media users in 2017. That number hit 2.62 billion in 2018, and is expected to go up to 3.02 billion by 2021.

2. Your consumers expect you to be a brand they can depend on, & those experiences are created from their very first purchase. In order to create a strong bond with your consumers, you have to track your brands health through sentiment analysis & engage in a strong customer care setup.

3. Instagram Stories toped the social media trends for 2018 because of the sheer engagement numbers it posts. Everyone is posting stories & sharing what they are upto; Beauty Gurus have been the biggest influencers who have successfully worked up their way to Instagram success.

4. A good dose of Content Nutrition is important for your consumers or potential consumers, aiding them to know more about your brand & insights into your services. Go for quality instead of quantity, get more authentic with content & form a personalized connection with your consumers.

5. An oversupply of social networking mediums have caused a havoc with what to use to incur the best results. Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Or Snapchat? , all you need to focus on is where it differentiates as per the reach and audience interaction.

6. Videos are the new in-thing! Video content is highly popular especially on Youtube, and it will continue to grow, providing more engagement and helping you build a huge following. Including Infulencer Marketing will help you form a stronger brand identity.

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